Genealogical Society of Palm Beach County


Before using our library catalog for the first time, please click on "RPL CATALOGING PLAN" on the left under the LIBRARY button to understand our shelving method. The first time you click on the LIBRARY CATALOG button, please click on and read the "How to Search" link. These two steps will make you searching much more productive and save you time and frustration.
The library is a critical part of our mission statement. To be true to our mission, we must make continual updates to keep it relevant to family historians in the county. Our goal is to make the library as “patron friendly” as possible and to have every patron find the information for which they visited the library, or at least learn something useful on every visit.  We continually remove technically outdated resources that are available in newer formats, including the internet. We are open Monday through Friday, 10:00am to 4:00pm. Check our calendar for special dates that we will be closed.
Rather than modifying the Dewey Decimal System as so many genealogy libraries have, we have gone to a genealogy library specific system (RPL  System) which we  fine tuned for our library; patrons will find it very intuitive.   Library volunteers have enthusiastically embraced the new RPL System. This has resulted in some changes in location of book collections within the library but there are people and material to assist patrons with the changes. For more information on the system, click on "RPL CATALOGING PLAN" on the left, under library.
New in 2016, many of the unindexed family histories and vertical files have been digitized, as part of a continuing project, and can now be searched via computer, saving many hours of browsing. This makes these histories much more usable. These resources are only available at the library and not on the internet.
Some of Our Major Holdings Include:
American State Papers Indexes
Barbour Collection - General Index & Vital Records
Bussy Collection - Irish Books
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, 6 volumes
Mayflower Descendant Vol. 1 to current
New England Register 1847 to current
Passenger & Immigration Indexes Vol. 1 to current
Southern Historical Society Papers, 52 vols.
The American Genealogist Vol. 1 to current
The Genealogist Vol. 1 to current
The Mary & John (Passengers)
The Rebellion Record
Additional resources in our library include:
Our surname card file with about 130,000 index cards has been digitized and can be searched from this website, see the button in the column at the left of the screen. Over 80,000 pages of unpublished documents, many are family histories, have been scanned and can be searched electronically in our library. Loose materials in vertical files are currently being scanned. We have "Genealogical Periodical Annual Index" (GPAI) and "Periodical Source Index" (PERSI).
Computers have been upgraded to cable internet connectivity for maximum performance when accessing our information subscriptions on the internet.  The library subscribes to Ancestry Library Edition, American Ancestors (NEHGS), and others, through which we can access censuses, the Social Security Death Index, immigration lists, Civil War records, WWI draft registration cards, etc.