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Evergreen Cemetery
2825 Rosemary Ave.
West Palm Beach, Florida 33407 USA
Evergreen Cemetery was preceeded as a black cemetery in West Palm Beach by Lakeside Cemetery but by 1921 the land had been deeded to the city. Most of the bodies in Lakeside were moved to the south end of Woodlawn Cemetery and the land that comprised Lakeside became a park.
The black community established Evergreen Cemetery in 1913, about a block north of Tamarind Ave and 25th Street. Evergreen became the final resting place for some of the city's most influential black citizens, including early physicians, educators, and business owners. The City of West Palm Beach now owns and maintains Evergreen Cemetery.
The Genealogical Society of Palm Beach County has not surveyed the cemetery and the information in this database came to them largely from the records of the Evergreen Historical Committee. The purpose of the comittee was to gather information on the establishment of churches, schools, and other organizations in the black community, at the time known as the "Styx".  In their report they did not list sections or plot numbers for the burials, although this information may be available from the City of West Palm Beach Clerk's Office.
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