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Genealogical Society of Palm Beach County

Surname Card File

This directory contains about 150,000 searchable "file cards" to assist you in locating surnames and localities in our library. This is not a complete list but includes many of the periodicals and books in our library. The books and articles are not available online due to potential copyright issues, but you can do some of your research prior to coming to our library in order to make your visit more productive.
The Search Window is at the bottom of the page. You may have to scroll down to see it.
The results of your search will appear as a Google search results list with which you should be familiar.They will include every occurrence of the word on which you search, whether it appears in the title, author, locality, etc. The best quality results will generally be the file with a name that straddles the surname for which you are searching. Example: Information on the surname BAKER would be found within the BAB-BEN  file, or something similar.  However, all returns may prove to be valuable to you.  Please note that the file name is in GREEN not BLUE and is located on the line below the BLUE line. Files typically contain 1,000-2,000 index cards and are 5MB to 10MB in size, so they will take a few seconds to download, even with a broadband internet connection.
To locate the surname within each of these files for the surname you are seeking:
  1. Click on one of the search results to download the file containing the name for which you are searching .
  2. When the download is complete press Contl+F
  3. In the search window that appears at the top left corner, again type in the search name you seek (Ex: BAKER) and click on "Search" or right arrow next to the window.
  4. The search can take up to a minute to complete so have patience. This will return a list of the cards that contain the name for which you are searching. 
  5. The results will display in the search window. Click on each return to go directly to that card.
The easiest way to record the information on a card is to print the PDF page. Remember to select "current page" on the pop-up window so you don't print all the cards, that could run 2,000 cards. DO NOT RECORD JUST THE DEWEY NUMBER!!  The Dewey numbers are largely obsolete as we are currently on the RPL Cataloging System. The Dewey number is generally useless in our library but most of the cards were made years ago when we were on the Dewey system. If you choose not to print the card, at least write down the title. In the case of periodicals, also record the volume, issue, and page number.